October Birthstone

The October birthstone is considered to be the opal. This gem can come in a few different colors. There are two different types of opal gems. The first type is the common opal. This gem can look white with rainbow colors at times. The color of the gem all depends on how the light is hitting it. The precious opal is created by silica particles being packed together in rows and layers. These layers will emit different colors in different lights. The most common colors you will see with the opal are green, blue, yellow and red. This gem can match with just about anything because of the variety of colors it produces. The black opal is the rarest and most valuable of the gem stone collection. If you find a black opal of high quality, they can sell for more than diamonds per carat. This black gem isn’t necessarily colored black. It has a mixture of many colors and is very dark. This is considered to be one of the most beautiful colors of the October birthstone.

October Birthstone Jewelry

When the October birthstone is used in a jewelry setting, it can draw a lot of attention. These gems can be bright or subtle in color. The white opals look fantastic with a yellow gold setting. There are many different rings out there that are accompanied by diamonds. These are great for promise rings or even engagement rings. Everyone has different taste when it comes to jewelry. The opal is a great gem to use in children’s jewelry. A lot of parents like to give their daughter a ring when they are young. A yellow band with a small white opal in the center will be perfect. Not only will she be able to wear it with anything, she will feel glamorous while wearing it.