November Birthstone

The dedicated November birthstone is called a yellow topaz. There are many birthstones for this month based upon the zodiac signs. The modern gem used to today is this yellow topaz gem. The topaz gem itself is found in wide variety of colors. The yellow version has been picked out for the month of November. This gem is completely transparent and has a tint of yellow and orange colors. The heavier the gem is, the darker the orange will appear. The lighter and thinner the gem is, the more yellow it will appear. There are many different items that allow you to incorporate the birthstone. You can find everything from Christmas tree ornaments to jewelry boxes with a yellow topaz gem on them. The most common way to give someone a birthstone is in a piece of jewelry.

Jewelry for the November Birthstone

The November birthstone is most commonly paired with a yellow gold band or chain. Since the color of this gem is orange and yellow, the yellow gold jewelry matches it nicely. If you are trying to let the yellow topaz stand out, pairing it up with a white gold setting would be ideal. You can find beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even anklets that include the yellow topaz. To turn this stone into an expensive piece of jewelry, you can pair it up with some diamonds. Diamonds will turn any piece of jewelry into a flashy piece of art. The yellow topaz can also come in jewelry packages. If you are interested in buying your wife, daughter or even sister some birthstone jewelry you can find a package. This kit will come with a pair of earrings with a matching necklace, ring or both. These kits are great for birthday presents or even Christmas presents.