March Birthstone

What is the March Birthstone?

The March birthstone resembles a light blue color. The color is technically called aquamarine. It is a mixture between a blue and a green. It is often compared to a light turquoise color. The aquamarine stone was associated with water. People believed if this stone was emerged under water, it would have special powers. This stone comes in a few different variations of color. They are found to be either a blue-green color or a sky blue color. Both of these colors look great in any kind of jewelry piece. An alternate March birthstone is called bloodstone. This is a dark green stone with red spots. Instead of using this stone as a piece of jewelry, it is usually carved into different shaped beads. These beads can be used to create jewelry pieces.

Jewelry for the March Birthstone

You can find the March birthstone in many forms when it comes to jewelry pieces. Each piece of jewelry has a different blue tint. Some of the rings and earrings are light blue and some of them have a dark blue tint. The thicker the gem is, the darker the color will be. An aquamarine ring is a great gift for any occasion. These are paired perfectly with diamonds and a white gold band. These can often be used as engagement rings. They have a certain regal and glamorous look to them. There are some rings that are light enough to resemble an engagement ring. If you don’t know if she will like a ring or not, you can get the kit that includes earrings, a necklace and a ring. The pieces in these kits are designed to look like each other so they all match. This stone looks better with a silver or white gold setting than a yellow gold setting. The blue color reflects off of the silver and shines in the light.