July Birthstone

What is the July Birthstone?

The July birthstone is called the ruby. The color of this stone is often compared to that of a perfect red rose. The deep red of the ruby stands for passion and love. This can be a gift showing everlasting love. Some people have said the red glow originates from a flame inside the stone that can never be put out. When you give this stone to a loved one, it is representing your love will never die. This stone can be worn in any kind of jewelry. You can find a ruby necklace, ring, bracelet, anklet and earrings. No matter what your favorite kind of jewelry is, you will be able to find something with a ruby in it. When young girls get their ears pierced, they usually get their birthstone in the stud. The July babies get to enjoy the deep red of the ruby studs.

July Birthstone Earrings

July birthstone earrings look the best in the dangle form. This will draw attention to your face. These are a great gift to show your significant other how much you really care for them. A nice pair of ruby heart earrings will let her know you really love her. When the ruby stone is paired with a white gold setting, you will get a classy look. When the ruby is paired with a yellow gold setting, you get a more royal look. A lot of the earrings worn by the royal family include deep red rubies and yellow gold. If you are looking for a last minute birthday present for your wife or girlfriend, a pair of these ruby earrings would be perfect especially if she was born in July. Every woman loves jewelry no matter what stone is involved. Make her happy with a gorgeous pair of ruby dangle earrings with diamonds.