January Birthstone

The January birthstones are a garnet stone. This is a deep red stone that shines in the light. This stone is usually associated with truth and faithfulness. These stones are not only great for birthday presents and Christmas presents, but also anniversary presents or a valentine’s day present. This birthstone is great for any occasion. The deep red goes great with gold jewelry. You can find many different versions of jewelry that contains a garnet stone. There are versions from earrings and necklaces to rings and anklets. Whatever kind of you jewelry you enjoy wearing you will be able to find it with a garnet stone.

Jewelry with January Birthstone

There are many forms of jewelry that include the birthstone for the month of January. The birthstone is a garnet stone. This is usually a deep red color that looks great with gold. The usual necklace has a gold chain with a gold pendant. The pendant can include the garnet and other stones. One of the more popular necklaces is a gold chain, gold heart with diamonds and garnets in the middle. This is a great piece of jewelry to give to a loved one for any occasion. Gifts for Valentine’s Day usually revolve around love. The colors associated with love are red and pink. A garnet and diamond ring or necklace would be the perfect way to tell your significant other you love them. Another great way to show her you love her is by adding her birthstone to her engagement ring. Some women love adding color to an engagement ring. If she is one of those women, maybe a few small garnets on the sides would add the perfect amount of color for her taste. You can find almost any type of jewelry that will contain a garnet stone in it.