February Birthstone

The birthstone associated with the month of February is called the amethyst. This is a light purple color that can look dark in certain light. There are amethyst stones that are a very dark shade of purple and some that are a very light shade of purple. The February birthstone is commonly associated with sobriety and spirituality. This beautiful purple stone also stands for wisdom and security. This gemstone can be found in many different forms. If you are into jewelry for your loved one, you can find just about every kind of jewelry there is. Whether she likes a necklace, ring or earrings, you will find the perfect type of jewelry to make her happy.

February Birthstone Rings

The best way to show someone you love them is with a ring. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an engagement ring. A simple promise ring can show a woman how much you really care. If she happens to be born in February, you can surprise her with a diamond and amethyst ring. A lot of women prefer sentimental jewelry instead of a big flashy diamond ring. A ring with her birthstone will show you pay attention to her needs.

February Birthstone Earrings

If your wife would rather wear earrings instead of a ring, a nice pair with the February birthstone would be perfect. Even if her birthday doesn’t fall under February, this purple gem will catch anyone’s eye. The amethyst stone goes great with a silver setting or a white gold setting. You can find amethyst earrings in many different forms. They make everything from studs and hoops to dangles and drops. No matter what kind of earrings she likes, you will be able to find some. Adding some diamonds to the amethyst will make the earrings sparkle in any light.