Birthstones By Month

Colors of Birthstones by Month:

January – June

If you are searching for the perfecet birthday present for a female, you can browse the birthstones by month to see what kind of stone to buy. There can be a couple of different birthstones per month but there are 12 generic colors most of the population goes by. The January birthstone is a red garnet stone. This is a transparent deep red color that looks great with a yellow gold jewelry setting. The February stone is a purple amethyst. The March stone is light blue and called aquamarine. This one looks better with white gold jewelry. April has the most desired stone, the diamond. This stone can be an engagement ring, promise ring, or a birthstone ring all at once. May’s birthstone is the green emerald. This is a dark green that is paired nicely with diamonds. The June birthstone isn’t really a stone at all. It is actually a pearl. The pearl is also a desired piece of jewelry.

Colors of Birthstones by Month:

July – December

The birthstones by month are all different colors. Each month has a different stone assigned to it. These colors range from red and green to white and blue. Each stone has a variety of colors. The July birthstone is a ruby. This slightly resembles the garnet stone, but a little lighter. The ruby also looks great with a yellow gold jewelry setting. August has the lime green stone called peridot. The stone for September is called a blue sapphire. This stone is a deep and pure blue desired to accompany diamonds in rings. October has the opal stone. There are many different colors of the opal but the most common is the whitish color. The November birthstone is the yellow topaz. The last month, December, has the beautiful blue topaz stone to represent it. All of the birthstones represent a different meaning and feeling.

Birthstones by Month

The birthstones featured below are arranged by month: