Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Jewelry: Earrings

When a young girl decides to pierce her ears for the first time, she will usually pick her birthstone. The birthstone jewelry available for piercing ears are little studs. These studs can come in yellow gold or white gold. These earrings are a great way to show your personality and when you were born. Most people know the birthstone chart. This means if they see a little girl with peridot studs, they will assume she was born in August. If the girl already has her ears pierced, she can explore the world of dangle and hoop earrings. Each type of earring is available in just about every birthstone. This makes it easy to personalize an outfit by your birth month. The hoop earrings are a more playful look than the drop earrings. If you want to turn a boring outfit into a classy one, try some drop earrings with your birthstone.

Birthstone Jewelry: Rings and Necklaces

The best way to personalize a promise or engagement ring is with birthstone jewelry. Adding a birthstone gem to a diamond ring will not only make it colorful, but also very personable. A common ring to add birthstones to is the Irish claddagh ring. This is a ring to show a symbol of love. A lot of women will wear these rings with their birthstone or the man’s birthstone in the middle. Another way to use your birthstone in a ring is for a birthday present. There is a wide variety of rings that include birthstones that are very tasteful. If you are not into rings, you can find many different necklaces. If you like the necklaces with a single pendant, there are many was to transform your birthstone to your liking. If you like fuller necklaces better, you can find ones that are meant for fashion instead of a feeling. A pendant necklace was usually given to someone for a gift of love and caring. A full necklace was usually a gift to accent an outfit or certain color.