Six Top Reasons to Sell Your Gold in NYC

Posted August 14th, 2016 in Sell Gold and tagged by birthstonecenter_5ap303

Gold prices are higher than ever this summer, making it a perfect time to sell your gold. If you would like to put some more money in your pocket, you could already have the means to do so collecting dust inside your jewelry drawer. If you are attempting to determine whether or not to sell your gold in NYC, consider these reasons to sell. Unlimited Buyers & Lenders buys gold jewelry.

1. Your jewelry is damaged or broken. Perhaps your old gold chain is twisted and bent. Perhaps you could get it repaired, but jewelry repair is usually really costly, and when will you discover the time? Or maybe one of your earrings is broken or missing. Now the other half of the pair is useless. In these instances, you are not going to have the ability to simply sell the jewelry, nor will you be able to enjoy it yourself. Your greatest alternative is to sell these damaged pieces for their weight in gold to a reliable gold buyer.

2. Your jewelry isn’t in style. Even if your jewelry is in excellent condition, you may perhaps still have difficulty selling it. Big, gaudy gold jewelry was all of the rages in the ’80s, but subtlety and silver are a lot more well-liked currently. Fortunately, gold buyers will probably be happy to purchase your gold jewelry no matter how unfashionable or unattractive it might be.

3. Your jewelry holds bad memories. Did you obtain a piece of jewelry as a gift during a relationship that has since ended? If your jewelry is associated with time or person, you would rather forget, that’s an excellent reason to get rid of it. Sure, you could sell it as a complete piece, if it’s still fashionable and in good condition, but you might find it much more satisfying to sell it to a gold buyer, knowing that it’ll be melted into an unrecognizable form.

4. You do not have time to sell pieces individually. Selling jewelry as individual pieces may be extremely time-consuming. You’ve to take multiple pictures of each piece and produce a listing, and even then there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a buyer. If you have some pieces to sell, it’s just more convenient to sell them all at once to a gold buyer.

5. Selling gold is a form of recycling. Demand for gold is high, but gold mines are extremely destructive to the environment. Gold mines leave significant holes gouged into the earth, along with the machinery and vehicles associated with the mines release a great deal of pollution. Once the gold gets to the refinery, chemicals are utilized to separate the gold from the ore, which then go back into the environment. By selling your old gold, you’re helping the industry meet the demand for gold while decreasing the amount of harmful mining required.

6. Selling gold NYC is a convenient method to earn money. Putting some extra cash in your pocket is as quick as visiting a local gold buyer or mailing your gold in an insured envelope to a trustworthy gold buying company. You may be surprised by how much it is possible to get for your unwanted gold jewelry or dental work. You can use the money to get yourself out of a tight financial scenario, or you may even use it to help pay for a cruise or a unique gift for a loved one.

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